Skybar @ Banyan Tree


The moment we knew we were bound for Bangkok, Kee had decided for us that we’ll be going to ‘skybar’. The rest of us, still somewhat in disbelief that we were going to Thailand for a month (all expense paid) didn’t really pay any attention to him…well at I didn’t.

Fast forward 3 weeks in Bangkok, there we were looking at a spectacular skyline atop a very very high building. Just how beautiful? None of the ladies complained albeit having to deal with the breeze completely messing up our carefully coiffured hair. None of the men did either… all that pomade or whatever they used must have worked.

We ended up going twice.

Verdict? Brilliant.  Wallet-verdict? Horrendous. I paid 500 bahts for coffee… let’s not get started on the alcohol. Was it worth it? Yes.

The photos I have are grainy, since even iPhones can’t work  wonders with little light.. forgive myself, I have. So should you.